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October 2019

Serverless computing using AWS Lambda

Serverless computing is exactly what the name suggests. No servers. Simple! We don't have to worry about managing servers for running small scripts like crawlers, redirects and simple computations that don't involve storage. But if there are API's involved, storage also can be managed. Endless possibilities. Which is why I decided to have a go at it and figure out what's so special about this serverless architecture you speak of!  

Angular vs React JS vs Vue Js: A comparison of front-end javascript frameworks for headless (decoupled) Drupal 8

There are many articles comparing various aspects of the three most popular JavaScript frameworks, namely Angular, Vue.js and React JS. Most of these articles compare them on job demand, developer usage, developer opinion, generic pros and cons, popularity, community support and the likes. That is not what I’m going to do here. This article will provide an insight into the actual usability and practical use of these frameworks. How can this be achieved? By implementing the same single page app using the three frameworks separately.

React vs Angular : The better head for the "Headless (decoupled) Drupal"

Drupal has always been criticized for its difficulty in creating truly good UI/UX, especially Drupal 7. In Drupal 8 this is considerably easier with the new twig engine. Even then there is a limitation to what we can do with the UI/UX. Don’t get me wrong, Drupal 8 backend is a godsend; extremely flexible and extensible. But to actually get that much flexibility in the front, we have to decouple.

Headless (decoupled) Drupal using Drupal 8 and angular 6

Headless Drupal or decoupled drupal is when you use Drupal only as a storage for content and a frontend that gets the data from the drupal backend via an API. The front end is usually a JavaScript framework like Angular or Vue. In this example, we use Angular 6 as a front end and we open up my website available as JSON objects via an API. This enabled me to create an Angular Single Page Application which pulls content from 

Why I chose Asus Tinker board for my home server over Raspberry Pi? (Asus Tinker Board vs Raspberry Pi 3 B)

I recently bought the Asus Tinkerboard and decided that I should write a review about my experience and why I decided to go with this. It all started when I was trying to run gitlab ce on my 5$ a month DigitalOcean droplet. 512 MB RAM and 20 GB SSD.

Running debian (8) Jessie (backports) on lenovo thinkpad x260

Since the new Lenovo Thinkpad X260 houses the latest hardware like the i7-6500U skylake processor, Huawei ME906s LTE, Intel® Snowfield Peak 2 WiFi 2 x 2 802.11 a/c with Bluetooth® M.2 (vPro™) etc as mentioned here, things like WiFi, the graphics card and the LTE 3G port may not work with the stable release of Debian 8 (Jessie). This is because since you choose Debian stable, the software is a little bit outdated compared to other distributions. Stability at the cost of obsolescence. Fortunately, we have a not-so-unstable unstable version of Jessie aka Debian Jessie backports!