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I have often used many third-party integrations for lead generation and placing popup forms on my webforms (like sumo). This has many advantages because it is a library dedicated to the purpose of marketing and lead generation. But it also means a lot of features you will never use and/or cannot use because it is paid. This is why I looked for a Drupal module, and yes there were a couple. But I surprised to see that one of them was paid, the other had unwanted features and some third-party libraries which makes it quite bloated. So, it left me no choice but to write a custom module (Dopup) whose sole purpose is to make popups using webforms.

The read me of the project is quite easy to understand.


This module provides simple popup block like that of
Sometimes we need to display popup blocks which interacts with the user.
Example, Get a Quote, Newsletter subscription forms. Using this module,
the user can and their webforms to a block which is a popup and style it as well.

After this, the user can specify when to display the popup to the user.
Example, 5 seconds after the user is on the page, when the user scrolls to 50% of page and so on.

The user can also add custom styles to the block.

I'll add some screens so that you can see what the settings look like.

Dopup Config page

Dopup config

Dopup config colors

You might have seen this one on the home page and other pages:

Dopup working screenshot

I have added a popup for this page. You'll see it when you reach the bottom of the page, which is now. Or a few minutes earlier. I also just thought of a few features that I could add to the module. If you guys think of any please create tickets and/or submit patches.

Things I forgot to add, but will be available in the near future:

  • Option to opt out.
  • Count/limit on how many times popup shows for a single user.
  • Randomize from a list of popups.
  • Tag based popups.
  • Location based popups.


P.S. Please don't forget to add "dopup" category to the webform you want to popup.



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