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How to use AWS s3 as your Drupal File System?

Firstly, install the s3fs Drupal module and enable it on your local. Then go on to your AWS account, if you already don't have one create one and adding your billing details. It is important to add your billing details because otherwise you won't be able to use anything. even if it is in the free tier.

Why I decided to use Scaleway to host my Drupal website?

Scaleway Logo
This website has been hosted on almost all of the major players in the cloud hosting business. I started out with Scaleway around 7 years ago when they were providing these small ARM options with 20GB SSD. It was the cheapest solution back then costing less than 5€. But that doesn't mean it wasn't a good solution. It was excellent! It was fast and reliable. But because it was ARM and at the time a 32-bit processor, many things like docker could not be properly installed. This is why I decided to look for alternatives, which eventually brought me back to Scaleway!

Serverless computing using AWS Lambda

AWS lambda
Serverless computing is exactly what the name suggests. No servers. Simple! We don't have to worry about managing servers for running small scripts like crawlers, redirects and simple computations that don't involve storage. But if there are API's involved, storage also can be managed. Endless possibilities. Which is why I decided to have a go at it and figure out what's so special about this serverless architecture you speak of!
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