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Why is Drupal perfect for non-profits and NGOs?

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Drupal is considered a good CMS (Content Management System) for NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and Non-profits and is often recommended for their websites and technology products. Drupal is a flexible and powerful open-source CMS that offers a range of features and capabilities that align well with the needs of NGOs. The Drupal CMS, it's community and it's philosophy has uniquely evolved to fit this particular use case perfectly. Let's look at some of them closer.

Why I decided to use Scaleway to host my Drupal website?

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This website has been hosted on almost all of the major players in the cloud hosting business. I started out with Scaleway around 7 years ago when they were providing these small ARM options with 20GB SSD. It was the cheapest solution back then costing less than 5€. But that doesn't mean it wasn't a good solution. It was excellent! It was fast and reliable. But because it was ARM and at the time a 32-bit processor, many things like docker could not be properly installed. This is why I decided to look for alternatives, which eventually brought me back to Scaleway!

Acquia vs The "better" Drupal hosting for your application

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For hosting Drupal applications, it is better to go with a hosting platform that promises support specifically for Drupal. There are many such platforms,, Acquia, Pantheon. Let's compare the two leading one's from a slightly different user perspective.
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