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Why being a back-end developer without ever writing any front-end code is a bad idea even though it is possible

Frontend and Backend
While it is possible to specialize in backend development without any knowledge of the frontend, it is not a good idea. Backend developers who understand the frontend can collaborate better with frontend developers, troubleshoot issues, and produce better quality code that is optimized for the user experience. With the growing demand for full-stack developers, having experience in both frontend and backend development can open up more career opportunities.

How to increase productivity as a Drupal Developer

Drupal Development

These are few things I picked up and still learning on my Drupal development journey that made my life easier. I love the architecture of Drupal but do find sometimes the amount of code to write, effort and learning curve a bit tedious. But these are all solvable issues. And I have solved them (more or less). Here are some tips for the same.

How to use AWS s3 as your Drupal File System?

Firstly, install the s3fs Drupal module and enable it on your local. Then go on to your AWS account, if you already don't have one create one and adding your billing details. It is important to add your billing details because otherwise you won't be able to use anything. even if it is in the free tier.

Things to remember when you change the domain name of your Drupal website

New domains
As you may have noticed, my domain name is now I've been wanting to change my domain name for some time now, for many reasons. People are often surprised that .xyz is a legitimate domain name despite Plus, If it weren't for my friends, this change would never have happened. They, very astutely, pointed out that it sounds like the domain name of a porn site.
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