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I create custom Drupal solutions, automate things and help out the community and my peers whenever I can.

What does a Technical Lead do

Simply put, I lead a team of technical people. :)

Jokes aside, I build, architect and consult on Drupal websites and projects. I have worked with multiple departments of the US Government, Government of India, NGOs and many other small, medium and large enterprises.

I stay current on all things web and consult on multiple projects, setup development environments and automate things wherever possible. Testing new web technologies and trying to learn new programming languages, frameworks and trying out Linux distributions are my favorite hobbies and a part of my job description thankfully!

I interview candidates for QED42 and love interacting with people technically. If you would like to work with me, feel free to reach out. My contact details are all over this website. :)


Most of my work revolves around Drupal. My recent projects include the revamp of our company website, where we created a really awesome content authoring experience for our content team and containerized our prod environment with Docker. I spoke about the same at the Drupal Con Europe 2021.

I am also working on another project involving Acquia ContentHub where we are trying to centralize the content authoring for a network of over 50 sites. We are trying to enhance and control how content syndication happens in this environment.

Apart from this, I'm always working on my personal projects, which linclude Acephalous an out-of-the-box headless Drupal distribution and my blog.


Rust is a programming language I've been trying to get started with for sometime now. I've done some small projects, and trying to slowly learn this awesome language. For people who say Drupal has a steep learning curve, wait till you try Rust! Sigh! Here's what I've done in rust so far:

That's all folks