Abhai Sasidharan

Full-Stack Software Engineer



Senior Engineer

Qburst Technologies Bangalore, India
  • Drupal 7, Drupal 8 web development, creating custom modules, migration.

Drupal Engineer

Axelerant (remote)
  • Drupal 7, Drupal 8 web development, creating custom modules, migration, behat automation.
  • Support and maintenance for Drupal 7, Drupal 8 websites.

Software Developer

Zyxware Technologies Trivandrum, India
  • Developing Drupal Modules, web applications and occasionally coordinating with marketing team creating whitepapers, articles, presentations to help bring in business.
  • Editing and designing the office internal newsletter.
  • Developing Drupal Modules for Data Driven Digital Marketing in Drupal websites.

PHP/Android Developer

Freelance Trivandrum, India
  • Web/android development, training, consulting.

Selected Projects

Drupal 8

Project Management Portal *

  • Worked on the workflow functionality of nodes. (D8 workflow module)
  • Added custom D8 view fields and filters to filter by workflow state.
  • Advanced configuration forms for EMails.
  • Custom tokens.
  • Paragraphs Widgets.
  • Advanced plugins, fields, blocks creation.
Drupal 8

Personal Blog

  • Drupal 8 “Porto” theme.
  • Login with google, facebook, twitter using Social Auth module.
  • Social media integration with third party applications (sumo.me, disqus).
  • Social media plugins; facebook, instagram, twitter.
  • Always decoupling!
Drupal 7

Scout Worldwide

  • Maintenance of the website - Bug Fixes and adding new features. Handled bugs and features related to backend and small front end fixes.
Drupal 7

Institute for Capacity Strengthening

  • Handling of BE tasks.
  • Fixing theme related issues.
  • Addition of new features.
Drupal 7

EMC Oman

  • Complete Multi-lingual (English + Arabic) website from scratch.
  • Customizing theme (Porto).
  • Online appointment booking and callback.
  • Search Engine Optimization and metadata.
Drupal 7

Zyxware Digital Marketing

  • Maintenance of website and Data Driven Digital Marketing.
  • Handling of BE tasks.
  • Fixing theme related issues and addition of new features.
  • Create JavaScript framework for displaying ads and lead generation mechanisms throughout the site.
  • Classify and analyze the site traffic (events, clicks, page views etc) using google analytics for better lead generation.
  • Manage all technology decisions in the Digital Marketing team.
  • Manage a team of developers to implement the technology required to help Data Driven Digital Marketing.
  • Writing articles and edit the company newsletter.
Drupal 7

e-Tendering system for foreign government *

  • Multilingual e-Tendering system with provision to publish specifications and accept bids.
  • Debugging and refactoring existing code.
  • Developed complex multi-step application forms for prospective clients and employers (anonymous users).
Drupal 7

Zyxware Website Migration

  • Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 migration with documentation of all the functionality in the site prior to migration and also responsible for migrating all custom modules to D7.
  • Documented the website and made a list of all the enabled modules using drush prior to migration and backed up code and database.
  • Worked on the theme settings and template of the new Zyxware theme.
  • Overall debugging and improving the quality of Zyxware site regarding the front end like theme, sliders and hover buttons.
  • Created custom php scripts to update database.
Drupal 7

HR Analytics Package *

  • Web software package designed for the HR of an organization to measure the daily wellness of all employees in the organization based on a specific set of parameters.
  • Creating a custom Drupal module that runs analytics on a set of metrics received from a questionnaire.
  • Programmed the algorithm that displays the metrics based on previous answers, with variable frequency.
  • Created custom view page to add/manage agreement forms.
  • Created custom page to view income vs expense values of various activities in the organization with a tabular view of the expenses.

Academic Work


Meta compiler for Java and C++

  • Project involves development of a uniform platform for compilation of java and/or C++ code, consequently merging the advantages of both C++ and Java constraints. We successfully merged the basic standard library and keywords of each.

Insurance Company Database Management Software

  • Project involves development of a java based user-friendly application software designed to enter and manipulate data in a motor vehicles insurance company.

Brain Computer Interface for Communication and control; Pattern Recognition Algorithms

  • This highlights a non-invasive neural interface for prosthetic/powered robotic exoskeletons based on electroencephalogram (EEG) for paraplegics. An understanding of the Pattern Recognition algorithms used in this process.



B.tech Computer Science

Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering (Dropped Out) Trivandrum, India



Writing, Reading
Web Development
Science & Technology

* Confidentiality agreements with my employer or me prevents myself from revealing the name or exact details.