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As a Drupal developer, if your local and dev setup is done correctly and you have access to the dev servers, there is no need to ask your Tech Lead or Architect or client for credentials to login to the dev/test site. In fact, I can't remember the last time I had to ask someone for credentials to login to a dev site. 

The most important command to remember here is `drush uli`. `drush uli` will give you a one-time login link that will allow you to login as user 1. But if you want to login as a specific user: `drush uli --name=<username>`.

Now the above is for logging in to your local. What about your dev/test server. If the person who setup your project is anything like me, they would've setup aliases that will help you run drush command directly on server. You can list these aliases by running the command `drush sa`.

Once you know which aliases to use you can test if you have access to them by running the status command.
`drush @dev status`
`drush status`

If you do not have access, you can ask your Tech lead, architect, client or whoever is in charge to give you ssh access to the server and that's all that you'll need.




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