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New Drupal 8/9 module: Dopup

Submitted by abhaisasidharan on Sun, 10/04/2020 - 03:55
This module provides simple popup block like that of Sometimes we need to display popup blocks which interacts with the user. Example, Get a Quote, Newsletter subscription forms. Using this module, the user can and their webforms to a block which is a popup and style it as well. After this, the user can specify when to display the popup to the user. Example, 5 seconds after the user is on the page, when the user scrolls to 50% of page and so on. The user can also add custom styles to the block.

A simple and fast Headless Drupal 8 solution: Acephalous

Submitted by abhaisasidharan on Mon, 09/21/2020 - 10:20
An API first distribution and a responsive Angular Single Page App using Angular material. Acephalous provides an Angular front-end and an API first Drupal back-end. Routing has been made simpler here by using the same routes from Drupal rather than re-inventing the wheel. Routing takes place in the Routing component in the Angular Single Page App. The purpose of this distribution is to create a fast, secure and small front end application while keeping all the Drupal 8 goodness like SEO, responsive images, routing, multilingual, easy content authoring, views. Basically Drupal acts like an smart content source and a JavaScript framework renders it.

Things to remember when you change the domain name of your Drupal website

Submitted by abhaisasidharan on Mon, 09/07/2020 - 06:09
As you may have noticed, my domain name is now I've been wanting to change my domain name for some time now, for many reasons. People are often surprised that .xyz is a legitimate domain name despite Plus, If it weren't for my friends, this change would never have happened. They, very astutely, pointed out that it sounds like the domain name of a porn site.

Headless (decoupled) Drupal using Drupal 8 and angular 6

Submitted by abhaisasidharan on Sun, 03/15/2020 - 06:07
Headless Drupal or decoupled Drupal is when you use Drupal only as a storage for content and a frontend that gets the data from the Drupal backend via an API. The front end is usually a JavaScript framework like Angular or Vue. In this example, we use Angular 6 as a front end and we open up my website available as JSON objects via an API. This enabled me to create an Angular Single Page Application which pulls content from 

How to view your custom dimensions in google analytics reports?

Submitted by abhaisasidharan on Sun, 03/15/2020 - 05:52
This article explains how to create custom reports in google analytics, assuming you have a google analytics account that tracks your site traffic. If you don't have one, create one, and set it up on your site using the Drupal 8 google analytics module. Go to This is how your dashboard will look like :