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Drupal module

Drupal modules are extensions that can be enabled to provide additional functionality to your Drupal website. Because of the awesome community of Drupal developers, we have so many excellent Drupal modules contributed by them that we just cannot do without!

1. Config Ignore

This module ignores selected configs while importing/exporting. This helps to protect authentication credentials from being committed and for having different configs on different environments. Once ignored, you can make changes to the config directly without being worried about it being overridden by the next deployment for those selected configs.

2. Pathauto

The pathauto module allows you to automatically generate URLs based on a pattern. This module is a must have for better SEO.

3. Redirect

This module is particularly useful if you need to redirect old URL alias to new URLs and not get a 404 when a path alias changes.

4. Shield

This module protects your dev and qa instances using a HTTP password. Another similar module is checkpost, with which you can provide header based authentication instead of using a username and password.

5. Seckit

Provides additional xss and other important header based validation and security. A must have since it does a lot in very little effort.

6. Admin Toolbar Search

A very useful module to search for the right admin screens. It's often hard to locate certain config pages provided by modules. This module helps by auto-completing and providing a clickable drop-down. Although currently unsupported, I hope this is fixed by the maintainers or the community.

7. XML Sitemap

This module builds a sitemap.xml file of all the necessary URLs on your sites and even has an option to submit the sitemap to Google and Bing search engines periodically.

8. Metatag

Creates metatags for all popular social media to be able to make excellent post previews of links shared in them. Quite useful if social media marketing is something you find important in reaching users.

9. Google Analytics

Provides an easy integration with Google Analytics. All you need to do is get your free google analytics account, get a UA id and configure the module. You should see the results almost immediately.

10. Google Tag

Easily facilitates google tag management in your Drupal site. You can create relevant tags in google tag manager account and add them in your Drupal site using google tag module.

11. Social Auth

Provides an easy integration of social media login and signup buttons like "Login with Google", "Login with Facebook", "Login with Twitter" and so on.

12. Yoast SEO

This module shows you the live SEO suggestions on your content edit pages based on the keyword you wish to target.

13. PWA

Makes your Drupal website into a Progressive Web App by using service workers to cache images and particular pages you select. Your website will show content even if you are offline. This my favorite Drupal module as of now, narrowly beating out Drupal views.

14. Webform

Create and export webforms (contact, subscription forms etc) easily. The forms are extremely customizable and you can create your own handler or use existing handlers for performing actions after submission like sending a confirmation email. I have created a module to show popup forms for subscription using webforms called dopup.

15. Honeypot

A very good and non-invasive SPAM protection. You can enable honeypot on all your forms and it will protect the webforms against all sorts of SPAM.

16. Autosave Form

The module allows you to configure auto save on all your content entity forms. Quite useful for blogging sites in-case of system crashes of internet issues.

17. Captcha

As the name suggests you can add captcha (math or image) to your forms to prevent SPAM bot submissions.

18. Disqus

An easily configurable module that adds a disqus comment form to the bottom of articles and other content types we choose.

19. Search404

Instead of showing a regular 404 page, this module does an automatic search of the keywords in the URL and shows the results.

20. Adsense

For those bloggers looking to monetize your blog, this module provides an easy integration with Google Adsense and can be setup within minutes. I use this module to show you ads on this site!



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