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Setting up dev servers at home with Raspberry Pis

Raspberry PI Cluster

This is a personal project of mine that has excited me a lot. I have always been obsessed with Single Board Computers (SBC) and the amazing things we can do with them. One of the most popular SBC is Raspberry Pi. They have pioneered the hardware and software capabilities for SBCs. Now we can run an Ubuntu server on any Raspberry Pi device. With Raspberry Pi, you can easily set up a server cluster at home and even host your own website, provided you have a strong internet connection and uninterrupted power supply.

Why I chose Asus Tinker board for my home server over Raspberry Pi? (Asus Tinker Board vs Raspberry Pi 3 B)

I recently bought the Asus Tinkerboard and decided that I should write a review about my experience and why I decided to go with this. It all started when I was trying to run gitlab ce on my 5$ a month DigitalOcean droplet. 512 MB RAM and 20 GB SSD. So as i suspected gitlab ce didnt work. Neither does composer. The memory just gets full and the process gets killed. So i decided to look for a cheap yet feasible solution for a tiny server at my home.
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